Bespoke Services


Adiutrix Consulting is able to offer a full recruitment service to businesses for either one-off or longer term projects. We can carry out every step of the process which includes:

  • Preparation of a job description and person specification
  • Writing of a job advert
  • Placing job advert (dependant on budget and individual job)
  • Receiving and short listing applicants
  • Preliminary telephone screening
  • Scheduling and carrying out interviews with appropriate manager
  • Making job offers

The cost of this is dependant on the particular job, how the position is advertised and the number of interviews carried out. However, our rates are far more competitive that a traditional recruitment agency (example, from 1500 for an administrative position advertised via the internet).

Pay and Reward Structures

Pay is very important to most employees and making sure that the systems you have are fair, motivating and easily managed is essential. There are many forms of pay and reward structures and finding the right one can be very difficult. Commission and bonus structures can cause huge problems if they are perceived to be unfair or poorly managed, but can be a highly successful motivational tool if implemented correctly. Also benefits such as private healthcare, company pension schemes and car or season ticket loans can also be included in the reward package.

Adiutrix Consulting can review your current pay systems and make recommendations for improvement to incorporate your business objectives. Please contact us for further information.


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