About Adiutrix Consulting

Adiutrix Consulting was set up in 2000 with the specific aim of providing an approachable, affordable and specialist HR resource to small businesses who were unable to justify employing a full time HR manager. Experience has shown that in order for small and developing businesses to grow, they must adopt structured HR processes which support the management of existing staff, staff development and redeployment of skills and the recruitment of new staff. Adiutrix Consulting has developed a set of solutions which are essential for any small business to effectively manage their staff and in addition provide bespoke advice and planning where required.

HR costs can be as high as 60% of business overheads. A high proportion of managers’ time can be spent on people management issues – including keeping up to date with the minefield of employment law and best practice. Adiutrix Consulting can take this headache from you and leave you free to focus on managing your business and making money!

Beth Parmar

Adiutrix Consulting was set up by Beth Parmar. She has a wealth of generalist and specialist HR experience gained from large companies such as Mobil and London Transport. She has also amassed huge experience from working with small businesses and start up companies over the last few years and has a sound understanding of the key issues facing them on a day to day basis.

Clients include:

  • Medipurchase Ltd.
  • Impower
  • 24-7 Electrical
  • UK Procure
  • Bridisco
  • Tiffinbites
  • ArtiCAD Ltd.
  • The Wizards Network


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